Lucy Hale i TTS?

Är det någon av er sin följer serien, pretty little liars?
för då vet ni nog vem Lucy Hale är! =)
Lucy vill jättegärna vara med i TTS och hon har redan varit på audition för rollerna Alice och Jane!

"I auditioned for [the role of] Alice," Lucy says. “I read the books and I wanted to be part of the first movie so bad."

The role ultimately went to Ashley Greene, but Lucy didn’t give up on her vampire dreams. “I heard about this new role, Jane, who was going to be a part of the second one, and I went for that," she says. But, alas, Dakota Fanning was chosen to play Jane instead. …

“I love everyone they’ve cast," she says. “I’m such a believer in everything happens for a reason and it’s all about timing. I like where I’m at right now!"

tycker ni hon hade passat som antingen Alice eller Jane? =)

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